The Forest Service has given the Navy a special use permit to conduct electronic warfare training with mobile-emitter trucks in Olympic National Forest. The comments objecting to the permit can be found by clicking on the button.
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 P U B L I C M E E T I N G Thursday, February 21 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Carver Room, Port Angeles Library 2210 South Peabody Street Port Angeles, WA P R O G R A M Electromagnetic Radiation Learn about the basic science behind it and its applications in our daily lives. Presented by Paul Kolesnikoff and Tony Corrado Paul Kolesnikoff received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics magna cum laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has been involved in the design and construction of sixteen antenna and Radar Cross Section test facilities that have operated from below 100MHz to above 200GHz, and led the operation and technical development of the Ball antenna test ranges for over 25 years. Mr. Kolesnikoff is an Edmund S. Gillespie Fellow of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) and the recipient of the 2015 AMTA Distinguished Service Award. He is the author or co-author of twelve technical papers, a co-owner of one patent, and a European-invited speaker on antenna system testing. Tony Corrado graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has 40 years of management experience related to defense-related weapons, sensors and technology development. Mr. Corrado was the Vice President of the Robert Bosch Automotive Airbag Safety Systemes Division; a Vice President for Aerojet General Corp; a Manager for Raytheon's US Army Active Radio Frequency Identification Devices program; a manager for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for autonomous munitions sensors; and was appointed to the NATO Smart Munitions panel. He is an inventor with 19 issued, non-classified patents and was the recipient of the US Army R&D award. STOP Update Hear a brief summary of STOP's recent activities, including the latest developments affecting the Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range.
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“The logic is simple; if a loud noise, such as the passing of an aircraft, can impact many square miles, then a natural place, if maintained in a 100 percent noise-free condition, will also impact many square miles around it.”

 The Quietest Place in America is Becoming a War Zone.